Pluto ^6 Glaze

$17.50 $17.00

NEW GLAZE RELEASE!! Related to our Milky Way Glaze series this glaze is a lovely hazy spring green with a nice hare's fur visual texture. The thicker the application, the more opaque the color. This glaze breaks very well.

Although not a runny glaze, Do not apply too thickly as it can run towards the bottom and be very opaque. Take care when dipping this glaze that you do a quick dip.

Be sure to test how this glaze works with your clay body. It works very well on all Ky Mudworks clay bodies. Apply to 06-04 bisque and SLOW glaze fire to cone 5-6. Best color achieved at cone 6.

Each batch is tested and always free of Barium, Lead, or Cadmium.


TILES IN ORDER AS PICTURED: Ice Man, Brown Bear, Sheltowee, Speckled Turtle

Recommended for use on Food ware.