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Kentucky Mudworks began in 2001 as a beginner pottery studio and basic ceramic supply shop. Since then, we've grown to offer classes, workshops, and supplies for all interests and levels of proficiency. Whether it's clay, glaze, raw materials, tools, equipment, advice, or inspiration - we've pooled it together under one roof. Well, technically two roofs - you'll find us these days on National Avenue in Lexington, and on Baxter Avenue in Louisville. 
Over the years we've helped build a robust community of ceramic artists, enthusiasts, and businesses. Our roof often becomes home to other artistic groups endeavours. Our Lexington shop is home to Dirty Girls Pottery Tools: a line of all-business tools for the clay artist. The Louisville site, by contrast, shares space with Mantle: a contemporary art gallery with an emphasis on ceramics and design. 
Here's a little mini-doc saying more about us and what we do:



Employment and Opportunities

If you love clay as much as we do, check out our opportunities page here and see if Mudworks would be a good fit for you. 



Other questions? Check out our FAQ page here for questions about estimates, clay/glaze mixing, tax-exempt status, and a lot of other boring stuff. Or, always feel free to email your questions to info@kymudworks.com

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  • 8" Angled Comb Tool
  • 8R2-X Trim Tool
    8R2-X Trim Tool
  • 8R7-X Trim Tool
    8R7-X Trim Tool
  • A2 Trim Tool
    A2 Trim Tool
  • B0 Blue Sherrill Rib
    B0 Blue Sherrill Rib
  • B1 Blue Sherrill Rib
    B1 Blue Sherrill Rib


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