Ky Mudworks 25# Clay Delivered!


Choose any clay on the list for one flat price delivered straight to you! Orders are in increments of 25#. One 25# bag of clay ships in a single box.

Ky Mudworks Clays:

Cone 10 clays:Magnolia Porcelain, Ranger, Leviathan, Polaris, Big Stuff, Laverne

Cone 6 clays: NEW Kota Porcelain, Dark Star, Magnolia Porcelain, Ranger, Ice Man, Ice Man with Grog, Mulhollun, Sheltowee, White Lightning Porcelain, Brown Bear, White Bear, Big Turtle, Speckled Turtle, Tony Beaver, Clawhammer

Cone 06 Clay: White Earthenware, White Earthenware w/ Grog, River City Red ^06-3, River City Red w/ Grog ^06-3

This offer applies in all 50 United States only.