We are trained to repair Skutt, Olympic, L&L, and SHIMPO Kilns. Older brands such as Duncan kilns can also be repaired by our technicians. Whether it's element replacement, re-wiring, voltage change, or a new relay or contactor that you need, we can help.

Caring for your kiln is a crucial part of extending its life and ensuring your pottery will be fired properly. Neglecting regular kiln maintenance can cause you to lose precious time and work. If you have recently procured an older kiln, consider having it serviced at Kentucky Mudworks before you use it. We will ensure that your equipment is in good shape as you start on your journey to creating beautiful ceramics.

Repair services are typically done off-site, but you can schedule a repair at our shop in Lexington. We do off-site work for schools, universities, and commercial business sites during normal business hours.

Please note that we do not work on Gare, Cress or JenKen kilns.


Kiln Repair fees: $98/hour plus parts (including drive time to the site).

If you would like us to repair your kiln, please call to discuss the circumstances of your situation. We will need to know the voltage and phase of the kiln, the brand, model, and serial number.

Kentucky Mudworks does not perform kiln hook-ups, hard-wiring, or outlet services. Such work must be done by a licensed electrician. However, the majority of electricians are not trained in the intricacies of kiln repair itself. Please call us with inquiries.


Do you have special projects, oversized sculptures, or don't have a kiln? Well, we have four of them! Just bring in your pieces to any location and let our experienced staff fire your project for you.  

^6 and below $3.00 per lb



We will dry measure and wet mix your glaze recipes for you in small or large batches. If you are looking to try some new glazes and don't have a scale just bring in your recipe and we'll make a test batch or full batch for you. The measuring and mixing services are separate.

Glaze measuring fee: $15.00 per 5,000 grams
Glaze mixing fee: $15.00 per 5,000 grams
Test Batch Measuring fee: $5.00 per 454 grams
Test Batch Mixing fee: $5.00 per 454 grams


We can service Shimpo and Brent Wheels. Please call 859-389-9681 for more information

Wheel Repair fees: $98/hour plus parts 



How to Submit a School Purchase Order

Purchase orders can be submitted three ways:

  1. Email your PO directly to 
  2. Fax your order to 859-368-9891
  3. Create your order online and send it to us via the "Save and Share" button

All K-12 POs will be adjusted to add school discounts.

Requesting a Quote for Non-Profits or Long Distance Freight

Quotes can be requested two ways:

  1. Email order directly to
  2. Create your order online and submit via "Save and Share" button.

We will email the quote to you and call to get approval of the cost and payment.

How to Set Up a Tax Exempt Status on Your Customer Account

KY customers will be charged 6% sales tax unless we have a current resale tax exemption certificate on file (your 6-digit business license number on form 51A105 from, your state's equivalent form, or your form showing non-profit status). Kentucky Mudworks must have the above form before any taxes can be removed from an order, a tax ID number alone will not be accepted. This must only be completed once. If you do not have it, we will charge you sales tax and then refund it when we get the proper form. Forms can be sent either by fax (859-368-9891) or by email

Any Other Questions?

You'll probably find the answer on our page about Cancellations, Returns and Sale Policies.



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