Skutt KM 818

$2,605.00 $2,214.00

Fits most small studios, compact and easy to load. Rated to Cone 10 with an interior of 2.6 cubic feet. 18" wide 18" deep

Now your friendly eight sided Skutt electric kiln can give you precise firing control that was available only on top of the line models just a few years ago. It is a versatile Cone 10 kiln that is a great work tool for porcelain and stoneware artists. Easy to move and economical to operate, the KM-818 is the perfect kiln for home studios, too.

  • 2 Year limited warranty, elements/thermocouple excluded
  • 2.5" brick standard with 3" available as an upgrade
  • Encapsulated Type K thermocouple
  • Crimp on connectors on feeder wires
  • Larger, swing away air cooled switch box
  • Multi-sided design
  • Stainless steel jacket
  • Sectionalized construction
  • Two lift handles on each section
  • Sealed, dust free lid with full-floating hinge
  • Two types of exposed, pinned elements for optimum balance
  • Reversible top and bottom slabs
  • Stand included
  • Peep plugs included
  • UL Listing

Shelf Kit: (2) 5/8" full shelves, (3) 5/8" half shelves, 1 Small Post Assortment