Voltage/Phase: 240v/1ph LOW-FIRE
Vent Kit for 1627: No Vent
Shelf Kit: No Kit

The Skutt Oval was designed with 3 main objectives in mind: make it powerful enough to handle heavy loads, make it durable enough to withstand the rigorous demands of high volume production and make it easy to operate and maintain.

Powerful - At 23,600 Watts the KM1627 HI FIRE Oval is one of the most powerful kilns on the market giving you the freedom to fire as fast or slow as you want to Cone 10 temperatures. 18 cubic feet. The LOW FIRE Oval is for Single phase power supplies, able to reach Cone 1 max, this kiln is perfect for large volume low-fire earthenware settings.

Durability - Due to their enormous spans oval kilns have a history of cracking lids and slabs. Skutt solved this problem by introducing the first fiber lid oval kiln with a fiber insert in the base. The electrical components and wiring are industrial quality to minimize downtime and boost performance.

• KilnMaster Controller with zone control standard
• Rigid fiber Lid, far lighter than brick lids
• One handed lid prop design
• Fiber slab insert
• 12 leg stand with support plate
• Sectional design for ease in setup and moving
• 3 encapsulated type K thermocouples
• 4 handles per section
• Mercury relays
• Busbar element connection system
• Industrial gauge wiring

This kiln requires a Vent kit plus Vent doubler, this is reflected in the price added when you choose the Vent kit for 1627.

    Standard Shelf Kit: (8) 1" 1227 half shelves, (8) 1x13x16" shelves, (5) Small Post Assortment Kits