GR Pottery Forms SLIMS Round & Square



Slims are the new low profile forms that are ideal for adding making dinnerware with an additional platter size.  They are 1/2" in depth instead of the standard 3/4" depth.  Only available in 5 sizes.  Custom orders are welcomed for an additional charge. China style plates.  Use the WA for the round sizes and Handmade Square dishes.  Great to make for wedding gifts or Bridal Showers.  The platter size is a size Jeff made in his original production line of pottery.

Easy to use over and over again giving you a tool to create your personalized shallow objects. But remember they are wood. They will not last as long if they are left in a wet condition for over a 24 hour period. The timing of making them and removing the pieces from the slab is very similar to plaster. Ship really well and can be easily stored in a dry space. No release agent, cleaning or sealing necessary.