Giffin Grip Model 10 NEW

$219.00 $189.00

Giffin Grip Model 10

  • Centers and holds your pots with ease
  • Fits all standard wheel sizes, 10-14" diameter (25-35 cm) *Does not fit the new Shimpo Aspire™
  • Easy to assemble (see our assembly video on the Home Page)
  • Ergonomically shaped hands gently hold your pot in place
  • Works for many functions in addition to trimming, including waxing the foot & banding with oxides

Box Includes:

  • 5 lengths of rods with hands
  • 3 Blue Basic Sliders
  • 3 Blue Wide Sliders

THE STANDARD GIFFIN GRIP IS FOR COUNTERCLOCKWISE USE for Right handed throwers (wheel moves counterclockwise)

Get the Clockwise version if you throw Left handed (wheel head moves Clockwise)