3M Diamond Handi Pads


3M 2-1/2 Inch x 2-1/2 Inch Diamond Handipad

The 3M diamond handipads are small 2-1/2 inch square pads with a thinner foam backing that can be flexed around your finger or into hard to reach areas. Easier to manipulate than the larger foam hand pads, the handipads are great for curved or smaller surface area grinding.

The Perfect Tool for cleaning up and smoothing out the bottom of your ceramic ware. Best results are if you use water to lubricate the sanded surface as wet sanding cuts down on dust created. Always wear a respirator or N95 dust mask when sanding ceramics.  We recommend wet sanding starting with the 60 Grit, and working your way to the higher grit numbers. At 800 grit your pieces can start to feel smooth as glass!

Works amazing on a Giffin Grip!  Polish your functional mugs, blows, and plates smooth so it doesn't scratch your wood or glass tables!  Smooth out a glaze bubble, glaze drip, or rough lip on a thrown mug or bowl. 

Available in 5 Grits or as a Pack of all 5
60 Grit (green)
120 Grit (black)
200 Grit (red)
400 Grit (yellow)
800 Grit (grey)