Kota Porcelain LIMITED RELEASE Cone 5-6



This is a new clay we will be stocking regularly. 

Kota Porcelain ^5-6 is our newest cone 6 very translucent, bright white Porcelain. It is sister to our beloved White Lightning, however it is more forgiving and trimmable. It is also translucent but a little less so than WL. Your glazes will really pop on this friendly, easy-to-throw and trim, creamy clay.

Excellent for large plates and platters as well.

 (Shr 14%, abs ^6 0%). 

This clay throws exceedingly well for a translucent porcelain. Fine grained, tight and glassy at cone 6. Fits our Super Clear glaze with no crazing! If you are looking for a more forgiving porcelain try Kota.

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