Brown Bear Clay ^5-6

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A note about the new Brown Bear. You will notice that the raw color of all future batches of Brown Bear is a little different color than the original. We chose to reformulate this clay body due to the sudden obsolescence of a particular ingredient. We were given no notice that this ingredient was changing and the new ingredient was 80% more expensive than the previous. This was the cause for the absence of Brown Bear for sale at what was probably the worst time of year for our customers. It was out of our control. We chose to take the time to reformulate the clay body with ingredients readily available and affordable in order to ensure the affordability and availability of this clay.

Please test this clay body with your glazes before putting into production. Even though we have tested the new formula with our glazes in our kilns, it is ESSENTIAL you do the same in your circumstances. We have been very happy with the results and find the new formula accepts our glazes well.

 **We recommend bisque firing SLOW speed no higher than ^06 and always SLOW speed glaze firing. 

A nice super smooth, plastic body that fires a dark chocolate brown at cones 5-6. Matures cone 5-6. Won't bloat at soft cone 7 if fired slow through the last 300-400F. Contains no grog. Gives nice warmth to glazes, giving that reduction look to them in oxidation. 

*Our tests with our Super clear glaze gave us little to no bubbles or green tint to the clear glaze. 

Contains less than 2% Manganese.

Shrinkage 11%  Abs at cone 6  0.2%