Orton Vent Master


Downdraft venting systems are considered better than hoods because they improve firing conditions in the kiln while removing essentially all fumes from the kiln room. VentMaster is capable of venting two kilns at once and is easy to install! The motor / blower is built from a non-corrosive, lightweight plastic that allows you keep it on the floor, or mount VentMaster to the wall!

Why Vent My Kiln?
All products fired in electric kilns contain organic materials that make carbon monoxide and other fumes when they are burned. Fumes released may contain sulfur oxides, hydrogen fluoride and metal vapors, depending on the products fired. Carbon monoxide and other fumes can affect the color and properties of the fired product if they are not removed from the kiln earlier in the firing. Red, green, gold and similar products are particularly affected by carbon monoxide at temperatures where the color develops.
Removing released fumes from your work environment is very important, since these are unhealthy to breathe on a regular basis. Carbon monoxide can cause headaches and nausea and other potentially serious health problems.

Why VentMaster?
During operation, the KilnVent system keeps the kiln under a slight negative pressure. This pulls the fumes out of the kiln and pulls in a small amount of fresh air. Firing times are essentially the same. The fumes are exhausted directly into a duct system and removed from the kiln room. Improved air flow in the kiln results in more uniform temperatures, reducing hot and cold spots.

Temperature Uniformity
During several test firings without VentMaster, total temperature variances of 77° were produced due to the lack of air circulation. While firing with VentMaster, the temperature variance is reduced to 30°, over 38% more uniform.



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