LG K-6 Class Pack No. 2 ^06 12 Pints

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AMACO Gloss Glazes fire to a smooth, glossy finish ^06-04. Always slow fire lead free glazes for best results. AMACO Gloss Glazes flow slightly during firing to a high gloss finish, while correcting most application imperfections. Certified Non-Toxic, Lead-Free.

This class pack contains one pint each of the following Gloss glaze colors: LG-1 True Black, LG-10 Clear Transparent, LG-21 Dark Blue, LG-24 Light Blue, LG-36 Freckled Brown, LG-42 Light Green, LG-48 Chrome Green, LG-50 Maroon, LG-55 Purple, LG-58 Brilliant Red, LG-63 Brilliant Yellow, and LG-67 Fire Orange.