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The KM 16F has all the features you would want in a front loading kiln with the added bonus of being able to move it through a standard doorway. inside: 36"x26.5"x28"

The Skutt KM16F Front Loader kiln is the first front loading kiln Skutt has made and it was worth the wait. If you are looking for a serious kiln for firing sculpture, tiles or student work, this is it. Innovative safety features, a built in vent and the fact that this kiln is KilnLink ready make it perfect for schools.

Built-in Vent
EnviroVent 2 included. Exits fumes from classroom and 
improves firing results.

Automatic Power Shut-off Switch
Power is shut-off to the kiln when the door is opened 

Zone Control Standard
3 Zone control standard for more even firing results.

KilnMaster Controller
Easy to program, KilnLink ready with built in diagnostics.

Elements in the Floor
Many kilns fire cool on the bottom. This one won’t.

Light Weight Door and Roof Design
Fiber roof and door provide improved insulation and life

Easy Change Element Design
Elements are faster, easier to change so they will save 
you money on kiln maintenance.

Durable/Reflective Brick Coating
Firebrick is coated with a refractory paint that strength-ens the brick and improves heat uniformity.

Solid State Relays
Solid State relays are standard for long life and limited maintenance.

Built-In Heavy Duty Zinc Coated Stand
This heavy duty zinc coated stand is built-in for added strength and stability.

Innovative Wall Design
Wall design combines brick, fiber and air to provide maximum durability and efficiency

Sized to Fit Through Standard Doorway
Remove the door (4 Bolts) and it will pass through a 32” doorway.

Shelf Kit: (8) 1" 12 x 24 shelves, (8) each 1" - 7" posts