DSS-133 Silkscreen Merry Christmas

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Mayco Designer Silk Screens are designed and manufactured by Mayco. Designs chosen feature incredibly fine detail, providing design opportunities not achievable using other decorating processes. Every screen has been thoroughly tested on ceramic bisque, using the process refined by Mayco artists.

The screen size is 12 1/2" H x 18" long, with the actual printed area measuring 11 1/2" H x 15" long. Designs are arranged with planned gutters to allow for folding without affecting any of the designs (the exceptions are the stripes and chevrons). The screens are lightly folded and the crease does not impact design reproduction. Individual screen designs are approximately 3" to 4" at their widest/longest dimension.

For instructions on how to use ceramic glazes with silkscreens - follow this link:   Silkscreen Medium Usage

For instructions for adding color to your silkscreen designs - follow this link:  Adding Color to Silkscreen Designs