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Our Clay

Welcome to Kentucky Mudworks' collection of mid-range clay bodies! Below you will find descriptions of our new clays that fit a wide variety of needs and aesthetics. We named each recipe on a piece of history or folklore, originating from the American Appalachian region, where most of our materials are sourced from. The thinking was, as our clays and kaolin wash down the mountains to become workable components of your coffee mug, so too, do our stories pass through this time and region to continually become something new. 



WhitebearWHITEBEAR: Super smooth and plastic clay body. The whitest mid range stoneware known to man (probably), and bears (definitely). A perfect match for those who prefer a porcelain style stoneware. Fires cone 5-7. 


SheltoweeSHELTOWEE: Smooth, tight, and plastic body that fires a dark red at cone 6. Throws and hand builds well. Matures cone 5-7. Resists warping and bloating at higher temperatures despite its high iron content. Ideal too, for atmospheric applications. 




MULHOLLUN: Plastic body that fires a true orange red at cone 6. Throws and hand builds well. Matures cone 5-7 (a staff favorite!)




Ice Man

ICEMAN: A cool, grey-white stoneware that is the durable and a pleasure to throw. Does not get too soupy if you throw with a lot of water. Has the fired look and feel of a reduction porcelain. Matures cone 5-7, available with and without grog. 





CLAWHAMMER: Named after the Appalachian style of banjo playing, this unique and dynamic clay body has it all: color, tooth, iron speckling, and bomb plasticity. Surprisingly smooth to throw.




Big Turtle

BIG TURTLE: A toothy stoneware body that fires a reddish brown at cone 6. Throws and hand-builds well. Won't warp or bloat at cone 7. Contains no grog. Gives nice warmth to glazes, offering that reduction look in oxidation.




tbTONY BEAVER: A very plastic, bright-buff color clay body. Ideal for throwing. Contains fine grog. Fire to cone 5-7. Dynamic results in an atmosphere, but will feel very familiar for those used to cone 6 electric stoneware bodies. 








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