Home Artist Kiln

$1,286.99 $1,065.00

The Paragon Home Artist Kiln fires to 1900°F on 120 volts and is designed for the home crafter or beginner ceramist. The Home Artist Kiln is great for hand painting ceramic tiles, bisque painting, china painting, decals, etc. If you plan on high usage, this probably isn't the kiln, as the elements are not as easy to change as on normal kilns. This model features a built-in luggage carrier that snaps upright for easy moving, and an electronic controller.

It comes in a 240volt version as an upgrade.

Shelf Kit:

2 - C-10R 10" Round Shelves, 1" wide Square Posts, 3 each of - 1", 3", 6" lengths, 1 lb. Bag Kiln Wash