Skutt Kiln KM 1018 FREE SHIPPING

Voltage: 240v/1 phase
Shelf Kit: No Kit
Vent: No Vent

Easy loading of heavy or fragile pieces, this kiln gives you nearly 5 cubic feet of firing capacity in a wide firing chamber. This kiln can go all the way to Cone 10 using cone equivalents or your custom designed Ramp/Hold program.

22"wide x 18" deep

Standard Features 
The Skutt KM-1018 kiln includes the KilnMaster controller built in. Other standard features include:

  • 2 Year limited warranty, elements excluded
  • 2.5" brick standard with 3" brick available as an upgrade
  • Encapsulated Type K thermocouple
  • Crimp on connectors on feeder wires
  • Larger, swing away air cooled switch box
  • Multi-sided design
  • Stainless steel jacket, EZ Lid Lifter
  • Sectionalized construction
  • Two lift handles on each section
  • Sealed, dust free lid with full-floating hinge
  • Two types of exposed, pinned elements for optimum balance
  • Reversible top and bottom slabs
  • Stand included
  • Peep plugs included


  • UL Listing