Andromeda ^6 Glaze



This glaze will be a versatile addition to your palette. When applied thinly this glaze is  a brilliantly shiny semi-clear glaze with a milky white greenish hare's fur visual texture. The thicker the glaze is applied, the more opacity and hare's fur texture is achieved. This glaze breaks very well.

Although not a runny glaze, Do not apply too thickly as it can run towards the bottom and be very opaque. Take care when dipping this glaze that you do a quick dip.

Be sure to test how this glaze works with your clay body. It works very well on all Ky Mudworks clay bodies. Apply to 06 bisque and SLOW glaze fire to cone 5-6. Best color achieved at cone 6.

Each batch is tested and always free of Barium, Lead, or Cadmium.

Tiles in order as pictured: Ice Man, Brown Bear, Sheltowee, Speckled Turtle

Recommended for use on Food ware.