BX2323D ConeArt


New from Cone Art Kilns, a multi sided electric kiln designed to use a square shelf. Shelves for the BX2323D are 21x21”, yielding more stacking space than it’s cousin the BX2327D. This top loader comes with all the standard features that set Cone Art apart: heavy duty floor element, double wall design, patented lid lifter system, multi zone control, and over sized swing out control panel. This kiln will easily fire to cone 10 and gives you a full 8.4 cft of stacking space. Not all pots are round.....and all kilns shouldn’t be either.

Furniture Kit (Optional)
3 - 21" x 21"  Square Shelves
2 - 21" x 10"  Rectangular Shelves
3 - 1" Posts
3 - 2" Posts
3 - 6" Posts
3 - 8" Posts