A New Look. The Same Attitude.

A rebrand and a remodeling centered on community and creation. 

Perhaps you're noticing something, well, different about Kentucky Mudworks: some new colors, a URL, a 2nd location, maybe? Well, it's all a part of a larger - and long overdue - rebrand. Rebranding is definitely in vogue right now: lots of companies, in all fields, are pining at the opportunity to "start over." While a fresh coat of paint and a hip wordmark are an easy way to make something seem relevant and exciting again, we wanted to do more than just that. What we've been working on for the past year is a total overhaul. We've restructured, expanded, and are setting the stage for even more work in clay; both ours, and yours. 

So why did we do it? For starters, operating in the ceramic industry is messy, difficult, and, usually hot, work. Whether you are an independent artist, a classroom teacher, a curator, or a manufacturer/distributor like us, the same rules apply: there's a lot to know, and there's a lot to keep organized. Everything has its own set of rules and small idiosyncratic needs. So, if you're not on top of things, even the smallest of operations become hectic. Plus, let's be honest here, the shit's heavy. And when it's not heavy, it's often fragile. Somehow, ceramics requires of us the most brutish tenacity, while also enjoining us with delicacy. It demands planning and myriad reconciliation. 

That word, reconciliation, was one we thought much of during our own rebrand. To stay organized, we needed to find ways of making the desperate sections of our business (and ceramics at large), live alongside one another in a clear, intelligible way. Monster-Mash Clay Kids Camps right next to fifty-pound bags of Zircopax Plus? What kind of lunatic website sells that? A 3000 lb. pallet of Standard 308 next to a 1/4 lb. wooden pottery tool? What kind of bookkeeping system and what team of employees can keep track of that spectrum of product? Well, we had to do some digging, and some serious building to figure it out. 

To be fair, we had a first crack at this website/rebrand about a year ago and it failed miserably. Like, it was really bad. Like, actual tear-inducing badness. You might be a customer who remembers our last website. If you are, and you came back to see us again, we have two things to say: 

1) We're sorry for that.

2) But, you won't regret coming back. 

From here on out, there are no more second chances. We're gonna get this right for you. If there's a problem, we want to hear it, and we want to fix it. We're cutting out the middleman for our products and our business. This is a company of artists and potters, for other artists and potters. 

What's that mean for the future of Kentucky Mudworks? After scratching our heads for many months, here's what we can finally say:

"Kentucky Mudworks exists to promote a community of ceramic literacy and enthusiasm. From classes and supplies, to residencies, workshops and events: we're dead fucking serious about clay."

So stay tuned, and as always, keep making.


Creative Director
Kentucky Mudworks


Other articles:

Summer Kids & Teen Clay Camps

Summer Kids Camps in Clay

Kids' Clay Camps are open for registration!

We are offering seven weeks of camps for the summer of 2016. Each camp will provide your child the opportunity to make themed projects using soft clay and learn to use a potter's wheel. Campers can choose to attend a morning camp from 9am-12pm, an afternoon camp from 1-4pm, or stay all day from 9am-4pm (most weeks).

Use coupon code Camp10 for a 10% discount when enrolling for more than one
camp. Only one discount per transaction.

Additional Information:

  • Children should expect to make 3-5 projects per week using handbuilding, wheelthrowing, and underglazes.

  • Finished projects are available for pickup two weeks after the end of camp. Camps are limited to 10 children.

  • Campers will get dirty! Please dress appropriately.

  • Age restrictions are listed for each camp. Children under age 6 may only attend if they will soon be 6, and are entering 1st grade in the fall. Otherwise, they are too young to attend Kids' Clay Camps. Children who are 11 may only attend a teen camp if they are entering 6th grade in the fall.

  • Snacks will be provided by Kentucky Mudworks for each camp session. If your child has food allergies or other dietary restrictions please provide them with a snack from home each day, and notify the instructor.

  • Refunds: No refunds or transfers will be issued with less than one week's (7 days) notice. Tuition is not prorated.

  • There are no makeup sessions.

  • Full Day and Lunch Bunch Campers should bring a bagged lunch.

  • Non-clay activities are scheduled between 12 and 1pm for the Lunch Bunch.


Click here, or on the image above to register.

Cone 3 Soda Workshop: Louisville

Check out our newest workshop, lead by Patrick Rademaker, guest juror of Mantle Gallery's next show, "SODA2" (more info on that, here

 For more information and signup details, see the link below:


Introducing our Line of Midrange Clays

Our Cone 6 Clays

The time is now! We're stoked to (more officially) introduce our line of new specialty clay bodies, formulated just for mid-range. Inspired by expanding opportunities in both electric and atmospheric processes at lower temperatures - there's something in here for everyone.  

For more information and pricing on each of these new recipes, check out the info page here.

"Vessels," Opening Reception Feb 1st


Don't miss the reception for the show "Vessels, Interpretations and Iterations," organized by IUS Ceramics and Juried by Bill Wilke. All work is for sale and first-come-first-served.

Opening Reception from 4-7pm on February 1st at Kentucky Mudworks, 506 Baxter Avenue, Louisville, KY 40204.  

CALL FOR ENTRIES: Mellwood Art Center

This is the first year for the Mellwood March Art Show; the intent for this show is to make it accessible to all age artists. Here at Mellwood we are trying to keep costs down for the artist so emerging artists have the opportunity to participate. 


Mellwood Art Center 1860 Mellwood Avenue, Louisville KY, 40206

Jury Fee: $20.00 none refundable
Booth fee: $110.00 for both days
You can submit up to 3 applications for this show.

Show Dates:
March 4th and 5th 2017
Application deadline- December 16th 2016

Read more about the show and download the app at mellwoodartcenter.com

Call for Entries

Vessels: Interpretations and Iterations

We are very excited to announce this show organized by IUS Ceramics and juried by Bill Wilkey. Honored to be hosting it as the inaugural show in our gallery space, MANTLE. Get hyped for some great pots coming to town. For more information about the show and how to apply, click here.