A rebrand and a remodeling centered on community and creation. 

Perhaps you're noticing something, well, different about Kentucky Mudworks: some new colors, a URL, a 2nd location, maybe? Well, it's all a part of a larger - and long overdue - rebrand. Rebranding is definitely in vogue right now: lots of companies, in all fields, are pining at the opportunity to "start over." While a fresh coat of paint and a hip wordmark are an easy way to make something seem relevant and exciting again, we wanted to do more than just that. What we've been working on for the past year is a total overhaul. We've restructured, expanded, and are setting the stage for even more work in clay; both ours, and yours. 

So why did we do it? For starters, operating in the ceramic industry is messy, difficult, and, usually hot, work. Whether you are an independent artist, a classroom teacher, a curator, or a manufacturer/distributor like us, the same rules apply: there's a lot to know, and there's a lot to keep organized. Everything has its own set of rules and small idiosyncratic needs. So, if you're not on top of things, even the smallest of operations become hectic. Plus, let's be honest here, the shit's heavy. And when it's not heavy, it's often fragile. Somehow, ceramics requires of us the most brutish tenacity, while also enjoining us with delicacy. It demands planning and myriad reconciliation. 

That word, reconciliation, was one we thought much of during our own rebrand. To stay organized, we needed to find ways of making the desperate sections of our business (and ceramics at large), live alongside one another in a clear, intelligible way. Monster-Mash Clay Kids Camps right next to fifty-pound bags of Zircopax Plus? What kind of lunatic website sells that? A 3000 lb. pallet of Standard 308 next to a 1/4 lb. wooden pottery tool? What kind of bookkeeping system and what team of employees can keep track of that spectrum of product? Well, we had to do some digging, and some serious building to figure it out. 

To be fair, we had a first crack at this website/rebrand about a year ago and it failed miserably. Like, it was really bad. Like, actual tear-inducing badness. You might be a customer who remembers our last website. If you are, and you came back to see us again, we have two things to say: 

1) We're sorry for that.

2) But, you won't regret coming back. 

From here on out, there are no more second chances. We're gonna get this right for you. If there's a problem, we want to hear it, and we want to fix it. We're cutting out the middleman for our products and our business. This is a company of artists and potters, for other artists and potters. 

What's that mean for the future of Kentucky Mudworks? After scratching our heads for many months, here's what we can finally say:

"Kentucky Mudworks exists to promote a community of ceramic literacy and enthusiasm. From classes and supplies, to residencies, workshops and events: we're dead fucking serious about clay."

So stay tuned, and as always, keep making.


Creative Director
Kentucky Mudworks